Who We Are

Langston Insurance Services is a member of The Hopwood Company, and a provider of insurance, risk management, and employee benefits throughout Florida, the Mid-Atlantic states, the Eastern seaboard and Texas. From around the country, our professionals help businesses and individuals anticipate, quantify, and understand the risks they face.

Since 1974, members of The Hopwood Company have represented the interests of their clients by helping them make sense of an increasingly complex world. We work with clients of all sizes by defining, designing, and delivering solutions to better manage risk.

Langston Insurance Services’ team brings deep intellectual capacity, industry-specific expertise, global experience, and collaboration. We offer risk consulting and management, insurance brokering, alternative risk financing, retirement consulting and administration, and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals.

Products To Meet You

No other agent or agency has more options to offer you.  We have more than 38 insurance companies insuring just homes and property. Plus, we have a number of solid companies offering auto insurance. Additionally, we have a number of underwriters ready and able to handle your business insurance needs. Yes, we have carriers and products to meet your needs individually and those for your business. If it moves, we can insure it.  If it doesn’t move, we can insure it. It is that simple.

Our Corporate Responsibility

We take pride in the value we add to each of the communities we serve. When it comes to insurance we remain sensitive to your costs. Even more, we are sensitive to how your claims are handled. Most of all, our responsibility is to you, our client, and to provide you with the highest standards in service with the use of “best practices” for our industry.


We Have Vision

Our vision is to continue building the legacy for our third generation clients. Why do we have so many multi-generational clients? We believe because our vision has always been to deliver value plus good service.

We Have Mission

To provide each and every client with a full range of integrated products. For our business clients, to strategically integrate insurance as part of the overall business plan.

We Give the Values

Our value stems from keeping a keen eye on delivering what the client wants, then what the client needs all the while watching the direction of changing markets.

We are A Brand

With over 40 years of experience behind us we have faced and navigated many challenges and have weathered many storms. We are honest enough to admit that we are still learning because this industry is forever changing. We have learned to become fast, fluid and flexible. We are pleased to have the relationship with each and every one of our clients as well as our underwriters. Very few agencies have the strength in the number of companies offering the wide range of insurance products and services – and that puts us into an elite group which is to your advantage.

WE LOVE TO HEARWords From Our Customers